Bonfire Development Advisors

Bonfire Development Advisors

About BonfireDA

Bonfire Development Advisors, Inc specializes in creating browser and mobile applications that are easy to use on the front-end and easy to maintain on the back-end.

In addition to the highly reviewed apps available on this site, BonfireDA creates custom applications for clients looking for web-based technology solutions that are:

  • Responsive and extensible
  • Efficiently developed
  • Easily adopted

The hallmark of a typical BonfireDA app is its outstanding end-to-end quality:

  • Simple-to-use and appealing interface on the front-end
  • Straight-forward infrastructure and sensible data collection mechanisms within the application
  • Facilitated data gathering for timely utilization and analysis on the back-end

BonfireDA has developed and delivered software solutions across multiple industries, including engineering, education, finance, medical informatics, and information technology.

Bonfire Development Advisors was established in 2007 by Bonnie Rind.

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Phone: (617) 702-2987


The Power of the Persona (as published in The Pragmatic Marketer)