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Many Thanks

Create personalized notes in your handwriting.
Do it all on your iPhone or iPad.

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Keep track of who gave you what. Create personalized notes in your handwriting.

Perfect for bridal showers, wedding showers, children’s birthday parties and more.

Who doesn’t like to get a personal thank you note in the mail? And who doesn’t groan at the thought of sitting down to write all those thank you notes? ManyThanks is all about minimizing the pain of the whole thank you note process.

With just a few taps of your finger, you can create one list to plan who’s coming, record who brought what and automatically create Thank You notes that include a personal reference to each guest’s specific gift. In fact, ManyThanks takes personalizing your notes even further. You can create your very own font to use your own handwriting on your notes. And it’s simple to add special sentiment to individual notes before you finalize them all.

ManyThanks is the most streamlined way to manage your guest list, your gifts and your Thank You notes. Its all YOU:

Add separate events for different occasions
Create a guest list for every event, or use an existing one, straight from your phone’s address book
Create your own handwriting font in just a few moments the first time you use the app
You can use ManyThanks to create and send invitations
Record Keeper
Record the gifts brought by each guest to automatically insert them into your Thank You notes
Create and print all your thank you notes in just a few taps, using thank you text included in the app, or writing your own text
Print notes in your handwriting and edit individual notes if you want to personalize them even more