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i Can Do It and i Can Do It for iPad

Go from making
your To Do list
To checking off
your To Do list.

iCanDoIt app icon

The app designed expressly for those times you just can’t seem to get out of your own way.

One minute on iCanDoIt can help you prevent hours of lost productivity.

Conquer the obstacles getting in your way and start getting things done. Whether you’re facing a large project or a minor task, i Can Do It helps accomplishment win out over procrastination.

Just 3 steps to identify and overcome intrusions, distractions and obstacles
Our step-by-step interface guides you start to finish
Voice to Text
Talk and tap your way from procrastination to motivation
Choose from a list of common challenges or easily add your own
Use password protection and/or delete particular events
No network required
Use the app whenever and wherever you need it, without cellular or WiFi connection


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