Editorial Process

At Bonfire Development Advisors, we take immense pride in our contributions and are always eager to offer our readers honest, unbiased, and comprehensive advice.

As our team expands, our commitment to the same high editorial standards that characterized us as a smaller group of researchers, writers, and consulting professionals remains unswerving.

We have a multi-layered editorial process, ensuring that we deliver accurate, impartial, and influential content on a range of topics.

We collaborate exclusively with organizations that uphold ethical standards, those we have developed relationships with, who are transparent in their operations, and whose services we have scrutinized and verified ourselves.

Our editorial process commences with research and seamlessly advances to the final stage of editing and publishing. You can learn more about our editorial ethos below:

Research & Understanding

Before a topic is assigned to a writer at Bonfire Development Advisors, it has already undergone an exhaustive research phase. We deliberately bypass topics that appear uncertain, lack substantial clinical research, or are incongruent with our editorial values.

Those topics we believe will offer considerable value to our readers are assigned to a member of our writing team whose expertise aligns closely with the subject matter.

Our growing team includes specialists in business strategy, development, and technological advancements, as well as on-the-ground consultants who witness firsthand the impact of their advice.

We grant our writers the liberty to conduct in-depth research and analyses before writing, aiming for the most comprehensive content on the topics we handle.

Aiming For 100% Accuracy

Our doctrine is simple: if our content is not 100% accurate, then it’s ‘not accurate.’ Therefore, we aim for 100% accuracy in every piece of content that we produce.

Our editors play a pivotal role given the rapid advancements in the business and technology sector. Every written piece undergoes fact-checking by our editors, and we frequently revisit our older content when new studies are published, or market trends shift.


Whether we are critiquing a business strategy or writing a ‘best practices’ guide, our commitment is to always remain impartial.

While we monetize our content through the use of affiliate links (when appropriate), our content remains untainted by monetary motives. This revenue aids in maintaining the integrity of our editorial process.

We usually feature services that pass our screening process during the research phase, but when we include services that don’t meet our high standards, we clearly state that – and often propose superior alternatives.

We are clear about any shortcomings even the most lauded services might possess.


We allocate writers based solely on their proficiency in the topic at hand. Our writers, generally based in the United States and the United Kingdom, are considered an integral part of our team. We do not engage writers on a sporadic basis, allowing us to offer an exceptionally high level of expertise in every article and review we publish.


Following the content created by our writers, it undergoes a three-step pre-publication screening, which includes fact-checking, spelling and grammar, and real-world application validation. Typically, this process is undertaken by two members of the editorial team.