iCBT and iCBT for iPad

Manage stress and anxieties with iCBT, a personal-use tool for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is always with you when you need it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven to be the most effective psychological therapy for a range of problems including PTSD, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, OCD, and some eating disorders, and is among the most effective for depression and some personality disorders.

CBT focuses on correcting distorted thinking patterns and altering behaviors to relieve self-defeating attitudes, reduce symptoms, and improve well-being. In “The Feeling Good Handbook”, Dr. David Burns advocated a method for CBT to be used in day-to-day life that has been remarkably helpful to tens of thousands of people. iCBT is based on this work and gives you a way to easily perform self-CBT wherever you have your iPhone or iPad. iCBT does not require knowledge of Dr. Burns’€™ techniques although previous experience or a brief reading is helpful. iCBT uses no network connection or cellular data and offers instant deletion and password protection for further privacy management.

  • Quick: It takes just 3 steps to help you move past your negative thoughts
  • Simple: With the app as your guide you don’t need to worry about forgetting a step or not knowing what to do next
  • Flexible: Choose emotions from the ones included or easily add your own
  • Voice Enabled: Speak or type your thoughts directly into the app
  • Private: Protect the app with a password and/or delete events from your journal
  • Confidential: Everything you do in the app resides solely on your device, nothing is stored, viewed, or saved anywhere else
  • Therapeutic: Email events to yourself or your therapist for later review
  • No network required: Feel free to use iCBT whenever and wherever you want, no cellular or wifi needed.


The Only App With CBT Logging the Right Way
★★★★★ by larkyloo77 on Apr 17, 2015

I have been looking for an app that allows me to do my CBT writing the way I did it when I saw a CBT therapist. I have tried doing it with an Excel spreadsheet, writing in notebooks, using writing apps–but this is the best tool by far. Thank you!!

Excellent & really helpful
★★★★★ by GRoseA on Apr 10, 2015


★★★★★ by Marl on Jan 18, 2015

I very rarely write reviews but this app is brill it helps you to put your problems into perspective I would recommend it to any one having depression,anxiety problems it just helps you to get things straight in your head so therefore you accept and cope…

A great tool!
★★★★★ by Phonetic Duchess on Jan 11, 2015

If you find that you are one to let your emotions rule your thoughts…this is the app to help you become gentler with yourself and help you think through your feelings. It does not replace a therapist but is a helpful tool to help practice CBT.

Good for Anxiety.
★★★★★ by Dwfieldjr on Dec 22, 2014

It’s a good app that calms me down. I haven’t done real cbt with a therapist, but writing positive statement to negative thoughts is very helpful.

Fantastic app
★★★★★ by Migeon on Dec 8, 2014

This app is fabulous for slowing down panicked feelings, identifying thought distortions – so helpful!

Life Changing App
★★★★★ by Jemwriteswell on Dec 6, 2014

I took a gamble when I purchased this app for $6.99. I was going through rough period in my life. I have used CBT before the with worksheets and workbooks but nothing has been easier to figure out. Great job developers! Very easy to figure out how to use! Highly recommend to anyone practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy!

Incredible! Has gotten me through many tough situations!
★★★★★ by Lbj14c5l on Sep 17, 2014

Amazing cognitive behavioural therapy app.

Excellent app!
★★★★★ by Professor Brainstorm on Jul 27, 2014

Was looking for something that made one think through all the obstacles and rationalise them, and this app does exactly that.

Great app for evidence-based help
★★★★★ by Smrtslp on Mar 19, 2014

This app leads you through a step by step cognitive- behavioral process to help you get unstuck. It has a lot of clever features that make it more likely you will try the approach again when needed.

Really great app
★★★★★ by DIDharm on Aug 3, 2014

This app is very helpful when needing to resolve any upset feelings that might come up. I first encountered this technique when reading David Burns book, ‘Feeling Good’ over 10 years ago. It got me through a difficult time and I photo copied the worksheet pages from his book so I could use them when needed. I was thrilled to find this app which allows one to follow the technique anytime and anywhere. Thank you for creating this! I hope it will turn up as a Mac app too.

The most useful app in my phone
★★★★★ by Brandonthefinn on March 12, 2014

I have used cbt techniques for years, but with this app i do them more consistently with better results. Though the interface and ux could use some improvement, it is definitely a highly functional MVP with solid code that doesn’t crash or break down.

Great for Clients and Therapists
★★★★★ by Biancasioux on Dec 18, 2013

A fantastic CBT mood and thought log. Tried other versions and so far this is the best. I like the ability to add emotions and cognitive distortions. Clear and easy to use and understand.

Recommended, a great tool to help rationalise erroneous thoughts while on the go.
★★★★★ by Jeremy Harris on Jan 21, 2013
Really works!
★★★★★ by NINAQUEENE on Nov 8, 2013

I personally worked with the doctor who developed this method. It absolutely works IF YOU DO THE WORK! Read the ‘FELLING GOOD HANDBOOK’ by Dr. David Burns. Do the exercises EVERYDAY and it will work for you.

★★★★★ by iamonesillyju on Oct 30, 2013

This app is wonderful. It helps transform anxiety about past issues into positive thinking in the here and now. It’s easy to use and has become my favorite tool to feel better.

Had CBT? Get the app.
★★★★ by JensApps on Oct 30, 2013

Fab app. Sound content. Discreet.

Simple yet effective
★★★★★ by pusheen. on Jul 15, 2013

Really handy to use on the go, helpful categories for you to examine the thoughts more objectively. The email and save function allows you to organise and track progress. A simple app but worth the money.

Solves problems 100%
★★★★★ by Tat13333 on Jun 23, 2013

Go from miserable to happy and energized every time I use it!! Best app I have seen.

Really Helpful App
★★★★★ by Nothappybyluck on May 21, 2013

This app is perfect for anyone familiar with the CBT concept and wants support after therapy sessions are finished. It takes you through the necessary steps, prompting reflections on events with which you may be struggling.

Very helpful!
★★★★★ by Blue vapor on May 18, 2013

This app is great – very helpful, and laid out in a way that makes it easy to use.

Valid and effective thought record
★★★★★ by Jenni W. on May 16, 2013

As a graduate student of clinical psychology, as well as a patient of a seasoned cognitive psychologist, I find iCBT to be a wonderful therapeutic addition to the app world. This application supplies its users with an effective and reliable thought record that is nearly parallel to the materials used by licensed therapists and psychologists alike. Additionally, this app allows for one to save each record, leaving users with an organized and password protected paper trail of their therapeutic journey. CBT is applicable to all walks of life, whether one is currently in therapy or not. Our thoughts contribute to our behavior, which naturally come with consequences; consequences whiand an be perceived through distorted thoughts, and so the cycle continues. Arguably parallel to Buddhist philosophies, our thoughts hold a defining power over our subjective experiences of reality. iCBT is a truly a wonderful tool used to aid individuals in navigating through life’s beautiful yet unpredictable journey of one’s mind, spirit and reality.

★★★★★ by Cct354 on Apr 22, 2013

I’ve tried doing CBT with my therapist and kept getting lost or discouraged with the sheets. Working on paper just doesn’t work for me. This app is simple, motivating and easy to use. I am also more aware of any irrational thoughts that pop up on an every day basis. Many thanks to the developer!

Useful and adaptable
★★★★★ by Kate Bellingham on May 14, 2013

Provides a structure to reassess negative thoughts. I was wary of having to use other people’s definitions, but there’s enough room to edit and personalise. Much easier and more secure than hand writing notes.

Excellent app
★★★★★ by Jburrell01 on Apr 6, 2013

This app works really well if you have had previous experience with cbt. The iPad app makes thought records simpler that the paper and pen method i have had to use in the past. I have found this to be extremely useful.

★★★★★ by Forestbirdtree on Mar 26, 2013

This app is excellent for doing cbt. It is very easy to use and very well structured. It also allows sharing your thoughts with your therapist. Best of all its free. Than you to the developers. This is a great tool for doing cognitive behavioral therapy. It seems that a lot effort an thought was put into this app without any obvious commercial reward for the developers.

This app has really helped keep our 27 year marriage together
★★★★★ by Melthorn42 on Mar 21, 2013

I really like the iCBT app for the iphone! Since I started using iCBT, I have been able to identify distorted thoughts and reframe them as rational thoughts. This app has made a major, positive difference in my relationship with my spouse. After entering 5-10 iCBT events, I was impressed with how quickly I learned to use the app. You’ve done a great job designing the interface. Thank you!

Very helpful
★★★★★ by sariben7 on Mar 14, 2013

Amazing what a difference quickly noting your thoughts and exploring alternate ways of looking at a situation can make. Highly recommended.

Quick, discrete and effective.
★★★★★ by Lilla Pete on Mar 11, 2013

Very handy app for evaluating things as and when they happen. As mentioned far more secure and succinct than scribbling notes the password feature makes me a lot happier about leaving it on my phone which others often have access to. Thanks guys

Fantastic app
★★★★★ by Migeon on Mar 3, 2013

Newly divorced, now starting again with new partner. iCBT has been crucial as I try to keep my anxiety from undermining my love thing.

Very useful
★★★★★ by iamtheparty on Feb 24, 2013

Great for when those horrible feelings hit you when you’re out & about. Feels more secure than writing stuff down, nice & private.

★★★★★ by BecciRay on Feb 24, 2013

This program is life changing. The simple exercise of sitting down and working through the process calms me immensely. My therapist recommended CBT for me and I was thrilled to find an app for my Thought Records. No more bulky papers or workbooks. Thank you!

Great introspective tool
★★★★ by Tarpwetgftdg on Feb 2, 2013

I came across this little gem whilst doing some introspective work and it really is a great tool for questioning your beliefs, turning around your thinking and looking at situations from a different perspective. Very freeing!

★★★★★ by App-reciates on Jan 2, 2013

Really enjoy this app. It’s actually helpful. And it’s so hard to remember to actually stop and dissect things when you’re stressing out. So it’s super useful.

★★★★★ by sara…*** on Feb 20, 2013

Great program-